Barclays Center Arena blocks – before and after

August 4, 2010

Animated GIF image of Google Maps downloaded on August 18, 2009 and August 4, 2010. To view the animation in a new browser window, click on the image above.
This is the site of the Barclays Center Arena of Atlantic Yards.  The Barclays Center would sit on the blocks bounded by Atlantic Avenue, 6th Avenue, Dean Street and Flatbush Avenue. Atlantic Avenue runs roughly east-west across the top of the frame.  Flatbush Avenue runs diagonally, roughly northwest-southeast from the upper left corner. Dean Street is the street running roughly east-west across the bottom of the frame. The two streets running roughly north-south are 5th and 6th Avenues, with 6th Avenue on the right (east).  Notice that the block of 5th Avenue between Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues has been “demapped” for the arena in the later image.  Pacific Street, which runs roughly east-west through the middle of the frame, has also been “demapped” between Flatbush and 6th Avenues.

636 Pacific Street – Last Days

May 7, 2010

636 Pacific Street, near 6th Avenue
Prospect Heights
Brooklyn, New York

I shot this video from the former apartment of Dan Goldstein and his family.  They were the last residents of the building, and one the last families to be living in the footprint.

I shot this on May 4, 2010, one of their last days in their home.

I shot this on May 6, 2010, their last night in their home.

See more photos of 636 Pacific Street.

Some background from Atlantic Yards Report.

Freddy’s Last Night, Really

May 2, 2010

Freddy's Bar & Backroom


coverage from Atlantic Yards Report

coverage from No Land Grab


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